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It took a long time to work up the courage to ask your fiance to marry you. And it is going to take a lot of time and money to plan every facet of your wedding to your satisfaction. Then, when you have finally reached that part of your ceremony where you are about to say I do to each other, stop for a second and imagine who is the one asking the question that you are just about to answer. In other words, who is going to be your wedding officiant? The role of an officiant is much more difficult than you can probably imagine. That is why you want to make sure that you hire a very experienced and talented officiant for your wedding day. We have no doubt that you will be able to find one in the Raleigh area as there are hundreds offering their services, but again, the key is to find the right one for you. Below we have provided some tips that we believe will make your task easier and we hope leads you to an officiant who will make your dreams come true.

Of course, before you can make any decisions on who to hire, you need some potential candidates in the Raleigh area that are worthy of consideration. You can start by doing some online searching. Check out numerous websites of officiants close to where you are. People you know who have been married recently is another great source. Or perhaps you know someone who was a guest at a wedding recently and they can speak to the quality of a potential officiant. Also, there are websites like WeddingWire where you can look up local candidates and read the online reviews. This can truly be invaluable to have independent sources of information and a built-in evaluation that you can make use of. Once you have a nice working list of officiants, you can start contacting each one and find out if they have your wedding date available. If they say yes, setup a day and time to interview. There are some things that you need to know as you evaluate each candidate. What is their philosophy of a wedding ceremony? How do they view the various events and activities that happen during the ceremony portion. If the ceremony flexible in their mind or is it rigid? Can you and your fiance write your own vows? Look at footage of a few different weddings that have performed. What is their style like? Do you like what you see? Do they have a nice sense of the control they need to exert and when? Tell them what you had in mind for your ceremony. Ask them if they have any suggestions. Are you looking for a religious or civil ceremony? If you are looking for the former, you should start by looking within the religious community. Some people want religious language included. If this is you, ask if it matters that you and your fiance are from different denominations? If you are interested in a civil ceremony only, find out if this is something that they can perform.

Do they require anything from you? Some officiants will want you and your fiance to participate in premarital counseling. If this is the case, ask them exactly what it entails and how many sessions would be involved. You will have to decide with your fiance if this is alright with you. Are they willing to file your marriage license with the county? This is important in order to be considered officially married by your county. Are they willing to come to your rehearsal? This is important because everything that happens at your ceremony will be gone over and everyone that is a part of the wedding in some way small or big should be there.

An officiant's fee is not going to be a determining factor in this decision..What is though is experience. You want someone who has confidence and feels at ease with themselves and puts others at ease. Find out how many weddings they have officiated? You want someone who can handle anything that is thrown at them or you on your big day. Do you like their voice? Ask them what their motivation is. When you have thought through all of these factors and considered every one of your candidates in light of those various important aspects, you should be able to zero in on one particular candidate who you want to be your wedding officiant.

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