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It doesn't matter what you do in life, there is nothing like having someone with expertise in a certain area point you in the right direction. Usually this kind of assistance will not only save you time and money, but it will also save you a whole lot of aggravation. We cannot put this any more simply than this, if you want a chance to breathe in the months leading up to your special day, you must hire a professional wedding planner. It is an absolute necessity. Believe us when we tell you that unless you have planned a wedding before, it is truly hard to know all of the moving parts involved and how much time it takes to devote to having everything done well. In general, it takes around 250 hours to plan a well executed wedding. Unless you have unlimited time to figure our everything that needs to be done, you could really be pulling your hair out by the time you even come close to your wedding date. Ask yourself if this sounds like the experience that you had in mind. We didn't think so. So, understanding that your very best option is having a professional wedding planner by your side every step of the way, you need to start searching throughout the Raleigh area for the perfect candidate. Here is a guide that we hope helps you in this all important search.

One of your best sources of potential wedding planners are the people that you talk to every day. Talk to your friends, family, and coworkers and ask if anyone has recently been through a wedding experience. If they have, find out if there was a planner involved and if the experience was a good one. These are the kind of references that can be invaluable because you have a first hand account of whether things went well or not. For anyone that you hear good things about, contact them and ask if they would be willing to talk to you about your wedding needs. Make sure that you show up at your meeting with a budget in mind. This should be the first thing that you share with each candidate. Considering how many guests you will be having at your wedding, ask them if they feel a quality wedding can be accomplished for your budget number. Talk about your vision for your wedding?

How much experience do they have? Why did they become a wedding planning? Talk about what kind of problems they may have encountered planning a wedding that they had to circumvent. Have them tell you the story. Are they certified? Have they won any awards? We recommend that you do not trust your wedding to someone with limited experience. Have they ever planned a wedding at your venues?This can be a real advantage. Do they have a list of recommended vendors that they work with? Are you required to pick from that list? A planner that has some amazing contacts can be a great boon to you for a myriad of reasons including saving money. Will they negotiate all of your vendor contracts? Will they represent you at vendor meetings?

Do they offer various levels of service via wedding packages. Take a close look at their packages and find one that fits you well. Is the price well within your range? For the one fits exactly what you need and at the same time can afford, ask to see a contract based on your conversation and the package that you have chosen. Do they require a deposit? Once these details are taken care of, you can get down to the business of planning your wedding.

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