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If you are like most people, you are looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to your wedding. Unless you have an unlimited budget, we can certainly understand this. One of the vendors that many people think is an easy cut is videography. It is a familiar refrain, we are already hiring a photographer to document everything so do we really need a videographer? In our opinion, if you are going to create a tree of priorities, then photography and videography should both be high on your list. Just think what it will be like to actually hear your vows again or everything that you missed during the cocktail hour or watch your first dance once again. All of these moments are very precious and there is no other way to properly capture them other than videography. The video puts you back in the moment. And you will be able to relive that moment over and over again. That is why motion pictures are the most powerful medium on earth. Once you are convinced that videography is a must and we hope that you are, the key is to find a professional who will do a very high quality job on capturing your wedding and then editing it after the fact. There is no doubt that the Raleigh area has some absolutely amazing videographers, now you just have to find out which ones are which. We have provided a guide in order to help you right professional for you and your special day.

The first thing that you need to learn as you head out into the wild world of video is that there are many different styles employed videographers. Learn as much as you can about these before you talk to any potential videographers for your wedding. It is very important that you hire a professional who has a similar style to yours if you want to be completely satisfied. You might be someone who really enjoys the documentary style for instance. This is when the videographer presents the events of your wedding in a chronological timeline. For a person that has more of a artistic bent, you would want to look for someone who could provide that. Again, educate yourself on this before talking with or hiring anyone. This will also prepare you for your interviews as you won't be hearing vocabulary that you have never heard before. Start looking at portfolio videos online and take note of the ones that you really like.

Once you have a few potential professionals to interview find out if they are available on your wedding. If they are setup some interviews. When you meet have them bring at least two full wedding videos they have shot. Do you like what you see? How long have they been in business? Evaluate them personally and professionally. Ask for the names and contact information of past clients so you can find out how they have performed in the past and whether people were satisfied with the service they provided.

In general, wedding videographers can cost between $1,000 and $15,000. Tell each candidate your budget number. What is their response? If you really like one of your candidates but they cost a bit more, you will need to weigh how much having peace about your decision is worth. Once you have made a decision, have a contract brought to you that covers every detail. Ask about the possibility of a second shooter. This can give you some great shots that you would have missed. We promise you that you will never regret hiring your very own wedding videographer.

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